Friday, October 18, 2013

Introducing... ME!

I'm Hamilton the Dog! Welcome to my blog!

I was born on December 17, 2011! I was born under a porch in the South! My mommy was a dachshund and she gave me mookie!* I ended up in a shelter with my sisters, and we were going to go play with Chinese kids**, but instead a van picked us up and brought us to the SPCA in Queensbury, NY. They gave me shots and did an operation that left me a little sore in the rear. The next day, two lady humans came and met me. I knew I had to turn on the charm to get myself sprung, so I wagged my tail and when one of the lady humans patted her lap and I jumped right up! Next thing I know I was in a carrier on my way to my new life! I have a house and a yard and a man human and three cat friends! I learned not to pee OR poop on the floor and went to classes to learn how to make the humans give me treats! I've made a lot of dog friends and human friends. My humans take me neat places and buy me all sorts of toys and treats, and I'm going to tell you all about them! My lady human says she'll translate things for me in footnotes sometimes, something about a "difference in perspective." Smell you later!!

* Backstory largely fictional. May not have been born under a porch. Probably did get mookie from his mama.

** I don't have the heart to explain to him what "euthanasia" really is.